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With more than 27 years experience in Cable Assembly dealing with diverse & varied market sectors, GK Services Limited have collated a huge library of solutions too unique problems. Being able, in many cases to utilise ideas from one market sector to the next, often provides a proven Engineering solution, saving not only significant time to market but potentially our customers many thousands of pounds in related internal costs.
Our UK facility has a range of fully automated equipment. Engineering solutions which suit full automation often proves us to be as competitive in high volume as Asia, without needing to commit to extensive material liabilities or lead times.

Of course not every assembly is able to be fully automated so it's necessary for us to provide flexibility holding semi automatic & manual tooling to suit an extensive range of products.
The UK facility is arranged to be flexible to customer requirements - automation allows us to produce in high volume and be competitive.
Our understanding of complex connectors allows competitive low to medium volume production.
This extensive range of Semi-automatic equipment plus a vast range of tooling allows the UK to build mid volume product cost effectively and in a short lead time, where perhaps customers are unable to forecast for more than 3 or four weeks at a time, making off shore production difficult or commercially impossible.
Often it is possible to part build product in China, hold UK stock and complete the assembly in the UK. This method is often used where there is a significant labour element added to part that may be very large or heavy, such as a casting or where a component of the assembly is only available in Europe.
The equipment we hold in the UK, mirrors our equipment in China to allow seamless transfer from Proto-type, preproduction on to Mass volume manufacture. This also provides effective disaster recovery for either our Chinese or UK facilities.

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